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Eliza Kent: Writing the Striking and Impassioned in Her Poetry Debut “You Were the Graveyard” 

“I’ve always been pretty good at noticing little details, and throughout the years I would jot down little things that seemed important. Oftentimes, I would come back to them years later and just write and revise them until I found something I liked…Some would come on very quickly, others simmered in my mind for years before they got words.”


Dissecting the Heartfelt and Humorous with Caitlin Andrews

“In my opinion, every single good piece you’re going to write is going to be vulnerable. Even if it’s humorous or tackles a serious topic in a light-hearted way, it’ll probably cut close to the bone for you emotionally when it’s released, which is why it’s important to start leaving the self-doubt at the door when you start creating whatever you want to create.”

Musical Escapism with the “Drifting” Christina Nicole 

“The most inspiring things in life are sometimes not obvious. I will often see things in public that seem cool to write about. I’ll take out my phone and write a very brief note of it to pull inspiration out of later, for when I am ready to sit down and write. There is always meaning in the mundane. Even if the world around you seems a little gray, something deeper is always hiding beneath that grayness ready to be written about and shown how beautiful it really is. Or, write about why the world seems a little gray. There is always meaning ready to be uncovered.”

Tedx Talk(ing) with Sidney Muntean

“I am moved by works that are the purest form of humanity. I want to read about your tragedies and your losses, but I also want to hear about your triumphs and moments of personal growth. I want to hear about places where you lost yourself and found yourself. I want to read about the lessons you learned: and the ones you didn’t. I am moved by confessions, lamentations, proclamations, and realizations. Everything and anything human.”

Shattering Monotony with Lena Fine

“One of the first songs I wrote that felt like a real track was ‘Boy in the City.’ I think it was really good for me to be 14 and full of angst and kind of only having one place to put it, which was music. I had been singing for a while at that point and it sort of felt like an extension of myself, so writing music felt like the logical place to go. Once I wrote that, and it became a song I actually wanted to listen to, I started to think that maybe there was something worthwhile about it all.”

The Liberating Power of Words: Ann Lilly Jose

“My favorite part [of writing] is when it all starts making sense. That moment when the story seems to have purpose and starts flowing freely, when it unfurls and reveals details about the characters and the setting, when the story seems to write itself.”

Exploring “What If’s” with Callie Reiff

“‘What If’s’ is about relationships and the ups and downs that come with each decision we make. I wanted the production to have a certain ‘light at the end of the tunnel’ feeling melodic as the lyrics are pretty dark. As I was producing the song, I also realized how it related to the pandemic and how everyone was just surviving on ‘what ifs.’ None of us were really sure how life would pan out. It was crazy to think about but it also motivated me to get the song out there as soon as we could for people to hear.”

On dream jobs and unexpected paths: Chloe Turner

“It is important to love art and what you are doing for the joy it brings you and anything extra is an added bonus. If I didn’t get the odd commission or go to craft fairs and sell a few prints I would still paint and have a personal collection because art is escapism for me and you can’t put a price on that!”

Breaking Boundaries with Alma Grace

“Representation is important and it’s vital to tell stories that don’t just traditionally fit the mainstream pop narrative. I’m telling the story of my own life, and I happen to come from a very mixed, multicultural background. If I can help others feel seen and heard by telling my own story, it will all be worth it. If my music can encourage people through hard times or help them celebrate the accomplishments and love in their lives, that’s all I can ever ask for.”

Exploring the Magical Symbolism in Art and Daily Life: Trinity Lester

“Seeing the world through the eyes of someone else is so often an emotional experience and that is essentially the task that we take up when we attempt to read into art. One of the reasons that I love art so much is because of its capacity to inspire feeling and whenever I am reminded of that it is always a special moment.”

Reimagining Reality with Dominika Jezewska

“It was only natural that I ended up at Parsons, where I continued to develop my skills and curiosity, and experimented with new things like wearable tech, VR/AR, and digital art, which are at the core of what I do now.”


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