personal essay

Beetle Catching

My boyfriend takes care of me. He texts me when he’s out of the house.


Why don’t I go to a peninsula in Belize?


Fabrizio Stabile was admitted to the hospital after developing a blinding

Lettuce Prep

The lettuce on your In-n-Out Burger was handled in-house by four distinct hands.


Anyone who knows me today would be shocked to hear it,


Spironolactone, 50mg, taken once daily

Dear love, I hate you

Written by Vrinda Gandhi Yesterday, I saw lovers in a garden. The two birds were walking close, holding hands, and their feathers were touching each other’s bodies, each other’s souls. They whispered about the grains they would eat. The language of love is boundless; it is not limited by forms of heart and body.  I … Continue reading Dear love, I hate you


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